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On July 16th, our troop went to Camp Fife, located near Mt. Rainier. While we were at camp, the scouts were completing merit badges that they taught at the camp. A good chunk of our troop did the rifle merit badge and we all had a blast. We all learned valuable lessons about gun safety and how to use and take care of a rifle. In addition to that, Camp Fife is the only camp in Washington state that provides the horsemanship merit badge. Me and some of the other scouts in our troop and it was a very fun merit badge to take. The horses all had their own unique personalities which made learning the merit badge a bit difficult and slightly scary at times, but we still had lots of fun. Overall, our trip to Camp Fife this year was probably my favorite summer camp out of all of my other summer camp experiences. I personally would love to go back to Camp Fife and I would also highly recommend that scouts go to summer camp because its a very fun experience and you learn some good lessons along the way.

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