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A group of four older scouts and one adult spent their week at camp doing Camp Fife’s High Adventure program. They had a great time backpacking, canoe camping, climbing and hanging together.

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Our Camp Leaders found time to have fun too!

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On Wednesday’s Camp Fife gives Troops a free day to go adventuring around the area. Today, our Troop decided to visit to Boulder Cave and fish on Bumping Lake. Boulder Cave was formed by Devil Creek. There is a short hike up to the cave. The walk through is short and it flashlight helps a person find their way through. Bumping Lake is located close to the camp. It is where all the water sport merit badges, minus swimming and scuba, take place.

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In marksmanship, nothing is more important than safety. Participants in shooting sports assume a vital responsibility that affects the lives of others. It is critically important to learn and practice all of the rifle safety rules. The Scout Marksman’s Code A Scout: Always follows the rules for firearms safety. Accepts the responsibility that goes with the use and possession of firearms. Follows the laws that govern the use and possession of firearms in his community. Practices wildlife conservation. Follows the spirit and the letter of the game laws. Is especially careful to be a true sportsman when using firearms.

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The Horsemanship Merit Badge was one of the original 57 merit badges issued by the Boy Scouts of America in 1911. It replaced the 1910 Horseman “Badge of Merit”. In addition to learning how to safely ride and care for horses, Scouts who earn this Merit Badge will gain an understanding of the instincts and behaviors of horses and humane & effective methods to train them. Camp Fife is the only Boy Scout Camp in Washington State to offer this merit badge.