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Nathan created an amazing picnic area, gravel pads and custom picnic tables, for the Soos Creek Botanical Garden in Auburn. It took over four different stages to complete and many people lent a hand. Thank you to all that did! Also thanks to Home Depot in Covington for donating lumber and bolts and Palmer Coking Company for donating all the gravel.

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At the Soos Creek Botanical Garden in Auburn, my scouting friends and I built four raised garden beds to protect their prized Dahlias. A gardening expert once said of Dahlias, “Never have so many enjoyed so much with so little time and work.” And he was right. There’s probably no plant in the flower kingdom that gives the gardener more spectacular reward than the dahlia. These dahlia beds will provide the community with contained beauty to admire. With overwhelming evidence from different University studies showing how gardening greatly reduces stress, hopefully these beds inspire others to garden at home. My project was more involved than I even originally thought. I lead a group of individuals to build solid, raised garden beds for an area of the Garden that was under developed and lacked character. Besides allowing for better water drainage and viewing of their prized Dahlia, the beds provide a better structure […]

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It’s almost time for Eagle Project. The date I have chosen is the 12th and 13th of July which is creeping up very fast. Yesterday I picked up two 5 gallon buckets of black and white road paint from a company in Auburn. The objective of my project is to black out, and restripe the parking lines wider, because right now they are about a foot and a half too narrow. I’m looking forward to get the project finished so I can get my Eagle in the next month.  

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Ryan’s project was to build a horse bridge.