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The Scouts of Troop 594 had an amazing time tubing in Snoqualmie. When the Scouts got there they immediately jumped out of their cars, got tickets, and ran into the line where they were instructed on the rules of the tubing area. When the rules were finished they jumped onto their tubes and flew down the hill. When they came to a stop at the bottom of the hill they hopped onto the magic carpet and rode it to the top were they did it all again. The Scouts had tons of fun in the couple of hours they were there, and were tired out after all of the tubing. Post submitted by Seth, webmaster

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The boys of Troop 594 who participated in the Klondike event entered many fun challenges requiring strength and skill to complete. Two of many challenges was cooking an egg with only limited supplies out in the freezing cold climate of the mountains, and another was configuring a grappling hook capable of pulling one of their teammates towards another in their sled. Each Scout who went to Klondike brought two cans of soup which were combined with other cans to create the ultimate soup. Post submitted by Seth, webmaster

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The Boy Scouts used the EDGE method to teach the Webelos (6) essential knots (Square knot, Sheets Bend, Clove Hitch, Two Halve Hitch, Taut line Hitch, and the Bowline). The Scout leaders also showed the Webelos how to whip and fuse the ends of a rope. Posted by Bram, webmaster

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Several Scouts spent the night at the Cedar Grange, playing different video games such as MineCraft, Star Wars, and Racing along with vintage arcade video games. Pizza, snacks, and drinks were provided. Post submitted by Bram, webmaster

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Each patrol was tasked to create a holiday theme dessert for a daring panel of judges. The Hydras created a Banana Split with Holiday Sprinkles, the Bacon Ninjas created an Oreo Mint Pudding, and the Invisible Monkeys Created a Blackberry Slump. While the scores were very close, there are actually a tie, the tiebreaker went to the most flavorful dessert – Congratulations to the Hydras for the winning Dessert a Holiday Banana Split. Thank you to the following judges: Katlin, Terra, Jill, Andrea, Lisa B. Post submitted by Bram, webmaster