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From Seattle Times “When most people talk about “that fort over by Port Townsend, you know, the big state park,” the usual answer is, “Oh, Fort Worden! I love that place.” And it’s well-known for good reasons: its full palette of arts events, its distinguished collection of officers quarters offered for rent, its lighthouse that prompts everyone to reach for the camera phone, and eye-goggling vistas of saltwater and mountains. Not everyone knows it has a twin sister, of a sort, in Fort Flagler, only three miles away as the cormorant flies, with many of the same fine qualities. Hidden at road’s end on Marrowstone Island, across the bay from Port Townsend, Flagler’s off-the-beaten-path character gives it an edge. It’s also bigger than Fort Worden, with almost double the acres (784) and almost twice the saltwater shoreline (3.6 miles) of its better-known sibling. Actually, as siblings go, Fort Flagler […]