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This year we went to Klondike, and had an utterly exciting time. Thanks to Kim and Frode for letting us use their cabin. In a Klondike Derby, Scout patrols acting as huskies pull specially designed homemade sleds around a field course marked by stations named for towns or cities, such as Dawson or Fairbanks. At each town the Scouts tackle exercises in problem-solving, as well as contests and other activities in which the patrols or teams earn spendable “gold nuggets” and credits toward Scouting patches. A little history. Just before the turn of the last century, gold prospectors traveled the sub-zero reaches of Alaska by means of dogs and sleds. They camped out in all kinds of winter weather, and therefore needed adequate survival skills, which they learned from the native Eskimos. Scouting has incorporated this theme in the Klondike Derby. The point of a Klondike Derby, which usually is held in late January, is to make […]